Creative Characteristics Honored Folk Art Collective of the Russian Federation Folk Dance Ensemble «Hawthorn»

The folk dance ensemble «Boyaryshnya» was created in 1984 on the basis of the recreation center of the village of Kostrovo in the Istra district of the Moscow region.

The title «People’s» was awarded in 1993 The title «Honored Folk Art Collective» of the Russian Federation was awarded in 2019 The winner of the All-Russian festival–competition of amateur creative collectives of the Russian Federation, the winner of the Grant in the nomination «traditions» in 2021.

In 1998, on the basis of the studio at the Folk Dance Ensemble «Boyaryshnya», a children’s choreographic group «Boyarushka» was created, which in 2003 was awarded the title «Exemplary». Currently, about 150 children and adults are engaged in the ensemble «Boyaryshnya» starting from the age of five, including the children’s collective «Boyarushka» and the children’s studio at the ensemble.

The main profile of the collective is the staging and performance of dances of the peoples of the world. During the existence of the ensemble, more than 130 dances were staged. A number of productions have received diplomas «for the best production» at regional, All-Russian and international festivals and competitions.

In its productions, the ensemble tries to reflect the national characteristics of various regions of Russia, and preserve them in their original form. For many years, the ensemble «Hawthorn» has become a laureate and winner of the GRAND PRIX of various prestigious — regional, all-Russian and international festivals and competitions. The collective has been repeatedly awarded valuable gifts for promoting and preserving the traditions of folk dance.

In 2006 The ensemble «Hawthorn» was awarded a diploma of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory for the preservation and development of traditional folk culture, and the promotion of original forms of folk art.

In 2007, he was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region for winning the competition «For contribution to the development and preservation of traditional folk culture in the Moscow Region» in the folk dance nomination.

In 2010 The ensemble was awarded a Letter of Thanks from the State Russian House of Folk Art for the promotion and development of amateur choreographic art, and was also awarded a diploma from the Moscow Regional Duma for its great contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage. The ensemble has toured with great success in the Krasnodar Territory and Buryatia, Germany and the Czech Republic, Belarus and Latvia, Serbia and China. Participated in festivals held by the International Council of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art organizations CIOFF in Hungary and Poland, Italy and Slovakia, Portugal and France, as well as in festivals and competitions held by these organizations in Romania and Lithuania. The members of the ensemble conquered the audience with their performances with their performing skills, showing the full breadth of the Russian soul and love for their Homeland.

Knyazareva A. A. is a laureate of the Moscow Regional Duma Prize in the field of culture and a laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation «Soul of Russia» Concert programs of the ensemble are performed at a high professional level, where each dance is a small performance. The members of the ensemble fascinate the audience with their enthusiasm and leave them a piece of their soul.

Evgeny and Alla Rutsarev